Guardian Equipment

GuardianEquipmentGuardian Equipment is a chemical feed and monitoring systems company based out of Sanford, FL. This family owned company have been clients for a few years now, and their website has many more pictures now than when first implemented.  Click here to visit.

Rochelle’s Reviews SPF

RochellesReviewsSPFExpanding Rochelle’s Reviews into new genres was pretty interesting.  The original Rochelle’s Reviews focused primarily on Contemporary, New Adult, and Erotic romance books.. But then something cool happened.  Authors were signing up for the site who write other genres! So we decided to open a 2nd site for Sci-Fi, Paranormal, and Fantasy Romance.  Who knows if we’ll make a 3rd or 4th site.. (there’s enough genres after all).  Click here to visit.

Rochelles Reviews 2016

RochellesReviews2016Rochelle’s Reviews was given a new look this year to reflect a change in focus. Before, the website featured product reviews, recipes, and books.. and due to the popularity of the booking community, we now just review books! Romance books to be exact. If you are a romance book lover, there’s a few (hundred) free books to choose from! Click here to visit!

ConnieLafortune-1Connie Lafortune is an author of contemporary and erotic fiction. She already had a decent webpage doing it by herself.  I got involved when I found out how much her site was costing her! A website shouldn’t cost more than $15-$20 a year for the domain and $5-10 a month for hosting, but when I learned how much a “reputable” printing company was charging… I just HAD to step in.  We discussed how much she would save, and how much easier selling her books will be with a website I create for her.  I’m proud to announce that the website is LIVE and she’s loving it! Click Here to Visit

Rochelle’s Reviews

Rochelles Reviews ScreenshotRochelle’s Reviews started out posting everything from book reviews, movie reviews, recipes, and a whole lot more, but it has rapidly turned into a romance book review blog! I designed it knowing that this will be a growing business and so I added my best work to it. It includes a dynamic content slideshow, facebook like page, twitter feed, a book database, shortcodes, a newsletter, and more. Click Here to Visit!

This is one of my sites I made a couple of years ago. Nothing Fancy, just a good layout and all my articles are organized and elegantly presented. This site has PayPal integration so that I can sell my e-book on getting out of debt fast. Click Here to Visit!

This incredible project was inspired by an 11-year old!  This website contains the basics, a good layout, newsletter, embedded videos and games, and contact forms to allow users to request and submit new content. Click here to visit!
Site no longer available to view.

Here’s a great example of style and function. 5280sk8 is a website that entrepreneur Rick Jungst uses to sell his awesome skateboard deck designs. This website has it all: A newsletter, a contact form, shopping cart, pay-pal integration, youtube videos, and Google analytics! Click here to visit!
Site no longer available to view.

This site was created for the Christian writer Dr. Rye Bell. He wanted a website to promote his book “Dance With The Trinity” and needed to get a website up and running fast. I created the site, added some plugins to integrate with paypal, and now his book orders are coming in.Click here to visit!

This site uses the rotating image plugin, membership, embedded video and more. This site is mostly for men who want to learn how to fix their unhappy marriages and bring back the passion they once had! Click here to visit!
Site no longer available to view.