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Whether you need a fully responsive website presence, a logo for your business, or a cover for your new book, I can take your concept ideas and make them a reality. Please have a look at my portfolio to see some examples of what’s possible. I do all types of projects and I don’t shy away from new ideas.

Websites… Your online presence. You need a website but you don’t yet have one. That’s where I come in. During a consultation, we’ll discuss your needs for a website and find the best solution for you. You can have your website be about anything. Whether you’ve just started a business, hobby, or blog, you’ll want your website to look great on all devices, and be functional so that you can engage with your audience. All of the websites I make come with Newsletter features, Site Statistics, contact forms, and much more.

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A website facelift can transform your existing website into something new and modern. Maybe your website looks exactly like you want it when viewed on a desktop machine or laptop, but won’t behave properly on a tablet or smartphone. More and more users are searching information online through their smartphones, and 40% immediately close the page if your website fails to load fast enough or forces them to zoom or scroll left and right to read your content. These days, web design trends are moving to “responsive” design, which basically means that your website is flexible enough to look great no matter what device is viewing it.

Graphical assets are “graphics” that could be used on a digital or even physical medium. Digital assets include facebook cover photos, memes, twitter profile pictures, instagram marketing pictures, infographics, teaser graphics, animated gifs, and the like. Physical Assets can be business cards, flyers, posters, billboards, tri-folds, magazine covers, entire magazines, book covers, and more! Each graphical asset type has specification requirements and minimum resolutions that would need to be followed. As long as the source material is adequately sized, I would be honored to service your graphical needs.

Note: A Logo is not required for a website.

Logos are a special type of Graphical Asset. Your logo represents your brand. It represents YOU. Similar to designing an entire website, I take special care and consideration into the details of designing your logo. Will your logo be displayed online only? Will it be sewn into polo shirts or baseball caps? These types of questions will go into the design process to ensure your logo conveys the right message, but is also versatile enough to be used in all manner of cases.

Sometimes photos could be perfect, except for ONE little thing. Maybe there’s too much light on someone’s face, or there’s an element in the picture that just needs to be removed. Most photo issues can be solved with a bit of creativity and know-how. Let’s discuss your photo needs and what could be done to get it “just right”.

Video projects span a very wide range of scope and complexity. Need a promo video for your book? A montage made from your wedding album? How about a commercial for YouTube? Possibilities are endless!

Videos can be embedded into your website, uploaded to YouTube or other streaming services, shared on facebook, you name it.


The following is a showcase of websites I’ve created over the years. Some of these sites still exist today, and whenever possible, I’ve included a link to those sites. For the rest of them, there’s only these images to serve as an example of what those sites were for the brief period of time they existed.


Connie Lafortune is a romantic-suspense author. Her steamy novels are sold on Amazon in Kindle format and in print. You can also order signed copies directly from her website. Connie posts regular updates about her work in progress, and stays in touch with fans via the built in newsletter tools. Check out her website and become a fan!

Visit Connie Lafortune


Rochelle’s Reviews is a popular book review site for lovers of the new adult, contemporary, and erotic romance genres. The site has grown to have over 1500 fans on facebook and 10,000 twitter followers! With over 600 book reviews, it won’t be hard to find your next “Happily Ever After”. I designed the original website back in 2014, and subsequently gave it a facelift in 2016.

Visit Rochelle’s Reviews


After creating the website “Dance With the Trinity” to help Dr. Rye Bell launch his book, he and his family moved to Costa Rica to expand his ministry. He called his church “Solid Ground” and I made this sister-site using many of the same elements from Dance With the Trinity. Dr. Bell continues to write articles and post pictures while living and spreading the Word.

Visit Solid Ground


Guardian Equipment is a family owned industrial company specializing in chemical feed and monitoring systems. I couldn’t begin to describe what they do it detail, but they know their stuff. I designed this website for them so that they could publish pictures and literature all about their business.

Visit Guardian Equipment


When Rochelle’s Reviews started getting super popular, authors from other romance genres wanted to have their books reviewed too! I was asked to make a sister-site of Rochelle’s Reviews for the Science Fiction, Paranormal, and Fantasy romance genres. Even though this site doesn’t get as many views as the original, I must say I’m quite proud of it!

Visit Rochelle’s Reviews SPF!

Coupon Fed Family (inactive)

Coupon Fed Family was an Extreme Couponing website dedicating to helping people local to the Melbourne, Florida area. This website included a coupon database to help visitors find out where they could clip coupons from the newspaper or print them online. There’s no telling how much money was saved overall, but if I had to guess, it would have to be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars! Coupon Fed Family was an excellent site and lasted four years until the owners decided not to pursue the business side of Extreme Couponing.

Lead Your Marriage (inactive)

Lead Your Marriage was a website dedicated to helping Men achieve a happier marriage through the act of leadership. The website was also an “affiliate” site which sold books and earned the owner a commission on books sold. Visitors could read articles and decide if the books were worth purchasing and could buy them and download immediately. Even though the affiliate site no longer exists, the books are still available from their original author at www.MarriedandHappy.com

5280 Sk8 (inactive)

5280 SK8 was a website made for entrepreneur Richard D. Jungst from the Denver Colorado Area. 5280 references Denver’s height above sea level, and Richard created amazing designs to be matted onto wooden skateboard decks! The website I made for him contained an image slideshow, shopping cart, embedded YouTube videos and more.

Tween Network (inactive)

Anybody can have a website, even kids and teenagers! This website called “Tween Network” was a present for a 11-year old girl (now an adult!). While the site only lasted a year, it was the perfect way for this young lady to express herself with blog posts, videos, music, and games! This site was absolutely fun to make, while also sparking interest in young people about websites and technology.

Dance With the Trinity (inactive)

Dr. Rye Bell, a Christian author, approached me about making a website to launch his book “Dance With the Trinity”. I’m happy to say that as a result of this website and his marketing skills, he and his family were able to move to Costa Rica to expand his ministry. He then asked me to create a sister-site (a different website with shared stylings), called Solid Ground.

Freedom Mopeds (inactive)

Freedom Mopeds was a small business in Easly, South Carolina to sell scooters, mopeds, and accessories. I designed this website for the owner but it never saw the light of day, because the business was sold and the new owner wanted to keep the old website intact. THEIR original website still exists, but view it at your own risk!

Visit Freedom Mopeds OLD site (not recommended!)

AWK Industries (inactive)

Another example of “What might have been”. I designed this facelift for AWK Industries but unfortunately it never came to be. Still I’m proud of this work and the owners really did like it. Unfortunately timing was bad and now neither the old site or the new is up and running.

Website Facelift

Rochelle’s Reviews

Drag the slider below so see a side-by-side comparison between the debut version of Rochelle’s Reviews and the updated version from 2016!


The original Rochelle’s Reviews website (above-left) was built entirely from scratch in 2014. At the time, the owner was reviewing products as well as books. However, a couple of years later, the focus of Rochelle’s Review was entirely on romance books. So with that new directive I was privileged to give the website a facelift (above-right) with a new background, plugins, tagline, a book database, and all new menus to reflect the change of focus. Since the launch of the new look, the website grew to have 1500 facebook fans and over 10,000 twitter followers! I then also created a spin-off site to showcase the books and reviews in the Science Fiction, Paranormal, and Fantasy genres! Here’s a screenshot of Rochelle’s Reviews SPF!