JE-0008 Commision to build a client database.

One of my clients… Submission Pest Control, has commissioned me to build a client database. As a pest control company, their needs are pretty simple. They need a way to enter in new customers straight from their website. We also need to keep track of service addresses, as some of their customers can have multiple locations. Building the database should be planned carefully, as these property owners may change over time.  

Initially.. my thoughts are to keep it simple, and just have one table that contains the ID, Contact, Phone, Email, Service Address, and services.  I would like to also may a service history page, where my client can enter in the work done, and even mark off if the work was paid for or not.

Truthfully, since they have a wordpress website, I could make a custom plugin just for them to manage this work.

One of the things that the client did ask for, was a way to look up customers on their website. So I’d really like to deliver that.

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