JE-0009 Finished Coding Problem #2 and started LeetCode…

Yesterday I uploaded the video for Coding Problem #2. My video skills will improve over time as well as my coding ability. Overall I thought the 2nd video was much higher quality than the first. I did it all in one take and didn’t have any crashes or false starts. Much happier with this one.

As I was looking at the reviews for the “Daily Coding Problem” book on Amazon… I learned that most people agree that the book isn’t very high quality, and it was also suggested that the SAME problems and explanations can be found at for FREE. So I’m gonna sign up and check it out. LeetCode appears to be a more in-depth tutorial and focus on interview questions and algorithms for programmers. While not so much Object Oriented Design as I’d like to learn, I really do need to focus on daily practice.  I might make some videos for what I learn at LeetCode.

I really do love learning, and perhaps I’ll be able to soon add custom solutions myself for my clients instead of having to buy plugins all the time that don’t do everything I need.

Oh.. if you want to see the video for Coding Problem #2, check it out!

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