JE-0010 What to build a customer database with?

In the past, I have used PHP to do a lot of custom functions for my wordpress websites. At the time, it was simple, but it didn’t look very pretty. Most of the time, it was just used by the admins of those sites and not customers. Today I want to build a customer database for Submission Pest Control for the admins to look up customers by phone number, name, or address. Right now the functionality isn’t all that much, so I want to design it and give them access pretty quickly.

I do however, want it to look nice. I was thinking I might use REACT, but I’m much more familiar with PHP.

The question becomes… do I build them a database using what I know and deliver quickly… or do I build as I learn and take a month or so to do it?

I guess.. in short.. it’s BOTH.  Need to deliver a working database first, and allow the admins to search and add new customers, while I research and look for ways to improve performance and appearance later.

I’m also going to do something I never attempted before… and that’s make a wordpress PLUGIN! Honestly, if I’m going to make a customer database plugin for ONE client, I might as well make it portable and reuse the code for other clients too, including MYSELF. It’s about time I made a customer database for the limited number of clients I have.

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