JE-0011 My PHP Development Environment is ready.

I tried for the past couple of days to get my PHP development environment set up.  I already had Visual Studio Code, but needed to be able to create and execute PHP files without having to upload changes each and every time. Instead I wanted to edit, save, and run quickly. I tried to piece PHP, APACHE, and MYSQL on my machine and make it work… and I was soooo close!.  Unfortunately, there must have been some configuration setting missing and I was unable to find a solution for my issue online.  

Then I found a reply to a question someone else wrote and it said: “Why don’t you use XAMPP?” It does it all for you. 

So.. I uninstalled APACHE, PHP, and MYSQL… downloaded XAMPP, installed, and started it up. BOOM. It works.. first try.

In case you’re wondering, XAMPP is just a package that includes the latest versions of APACHE, PHP, MYSQL, PERL and others…  you get to pick and choose what you want to install and it just does it and it’s already preconfigured to work. 

I even installed a local copy of wordpress in my new environment to test it out, and it installed perfectly, first try. I now have a Dev environment that I can play with that doesn’t screw up any of my live websites and also allows me to build the customer dashboard that my client is looking for.

Next step:  Writing up the Requirements for this database!

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