JE-0012 Customer Database Requirements

My client, “Submission Pest Control”, would like a database that allows the owners to look up customers by Name, Address, or Phone Number. That was basically the only requirement they gave me. However, if I am to deliver a complete solution, I think they need more. Allow me to dream big for a moment.

I would like to deliver my clients a DASHBOARD, that gives them important insights into their business and customers. The dashboard would include Customer Lookup, a calendar, a scheduling tool, employee management, revenue reports, and a metric to let them know what their business is worth.

This dashboard would be Front End managed, using a menu item that can only be seen by the owners and employees, and me. Later we could give customers the ability to login and manage their account details, billing, and make easy service requests.

I would like to build this as a wordpress plugin, so that I could make it portable just in case their theme changes. I could also repurpose for other clients so I’m not doing double work.

This is going to be FUN!

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