JE-0013 Customer Database almost MVP

I’ve been steadily working on the Customer Database for Submission Pest Control. I designed to be specific to their business, but flexible enough that I could branch off and create something similar for another client if needed. The Database currently has a customers table, but I will have to expand on that to include services, a scheduler tool, prospecting tool, statistics and reports.

Right now, I’d say MVP is probably done.  What is MVP?  It stands for Minimum Viable Product.  

In this case, I could deliver the customer database to my client TODAY. Because it has a small set of features.

Right now, the client can:

  • Add Customers
  • Edit those Customers
  • DELETE Customers
  • Search for Customers by name, email, phone, etc.

That’s it! It’s a minimum viable product. Now, we can add features, new functions, and new UI elements and not break the basic functions the client needs.

Future Plans include:

  • Sorting the Customer List
  • Creating Invoices
  • Viewing “Today’s Jobs”
  • Viewing Future Scheduled Jobs
  • Keeping a customer history of work
  • Accessing Scanned Documents per customer
  • Understanding the Total Value of the business
  • Revenue Projections
  • Multiple Employees!
  • and more as the project scope increases.

Looking forward to delivering this to the client soon!

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