JE-0002 The Daily Code Begins

So, I was recently told by a company that they only hire “Seasoned” Developers. Even though I have created some complicated programs, websites, and have had experience with many different programming languages. It was clear to the company that interviewed me, that I would not be able to hit the ground running in their fast-paced agile environment.

They are absolutely right!

Imagine a pianist who can play amazingly well, and can learn songs by ear and play it back for you perfectly, but can’t read music well enough to sight read. That’s basically me in the programming arena. I’ve created things, sure. Given enough time I can implement custom solutions on a website. But, without the daily practice and foundational skills to be able to “sight read” requirements and coding, I would only slow down the team.

So.. Daily coding practice is what I need.  And to get me started on THAT journey, I’ve signed up with

They’ll send me a new problem every day, and I’ll attempt to write code to solve it. I’m excited to begin doing it and learn new things along the way.  I also picked up the Grasshopper app on my andriod phone. Grasshopper is a “learn to code” app for beginners. While I am not a beginner, I’ll go through this app just to see if I missed an important concept somehow.

Finally… I’ll pick back up work on I’ve gone through more than 75% of it last year, but eventually I stopped for some reason. 

One of the hardest things about learning programming is the immense amount of information out there. There is an entire ecosystem of frameworks, libraries, languages, tools, plugins, and platforms. You could be come a master of these things and still not keep up with all the new ones appearing.

I love a challenge though. I’m either going to become a software engineer with a reputable company… or I’m going to break out on my own and go into business for myself.  Only time will tell.

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